Wink APK Download | Video Retouching Tool [72MB]

Wink is a mobile app used for video enhancing. It falls in to both categories of multimedia and social media. Wink allows you to create, edit and share short videos. It comes with many delighting filters, effects and tools for you to create exclusive videos that will not stop amusing your friends and loved ones.

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Wink has already become a wide-spreading app among the youth crowd who loves to be creative. Originated from China, now Wink has found its way all over the Asian countries as well as USA.

Its popular set of tools include stickers, filters and effects that you and your loved ones can have fun with anywhere you go.

Wink APK Download

APP NameWink APK
APK Size72MB
Latest version1.5.6.5
DeveloperMeitu (China) Limited

Wink APP Screenshots

wink apk screenshot
wink apk screenshot
wink apk screenshot
wink apk screenshot

Wink APP Features

Recording short videos

Wink allows you to record short videos through the app itself. For this it has a built-in camera that requires your access permission.

Filters and effects

Videos can be made vibrant with filters and effects as we all now. Wink provides a wide variety of them for you to try and make your videos interesting with.

Stickers and emojis

Wink also comes with a pack of a rich sticker library and emojis. You can easily access and use them on your video while you do the retouching.

Music library

Wink also has a rich music library that is presented with the latest updates for you to insert to the videos in one click. It also allows you to select tracks from your device storage and insert into the video background.

Editing tools

You can find a variety of editing tools in wink that help you do various incredible changes to your content. These include trim, crop, merge, split, etc. to name a few. These can be easily used by even unpracticed users to make professional edits to videos.

Share your work

Once you have created a piece, you are allowed to share it directly through the social media apps in your device. For instance, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Trending formats and videos

Wink displays a gallery of popular and trending video formats. You can even search the app in this section for what you would prefer to follow. Also, exploring others’ trendy work is an option here.

Follow other users

The users can follow other users and view each other’s content in Wink. This helps them stay updated about the latest hits of the field. You will also get notifications about the users that follows you, hit a like to your content, comment on any of them, etc.

Ideal Portrait

Wink also gives you the space to edit photos and portraits. If you are thinking of a new display picture for your profile, Wink is an ideal app to create it. It provides with lots of enhancing tools to make your portrait look eye-catching. Moreover, in case you don’t have a good camera or the background does not look cool, you are free to use options in Wink to clear things off for you.

Face Retouching

Tools for beautifying the face are available in the app as well. Those will let you clear your skin, and do the necessary retouching to be presented in a delighting manner.

Makeup Tools

Together with the face retouching tools are the makeup tools for you. Effects like blushing, applying lipstick, including handy hairstyles are a few examples. 

Quality improvements

Wink allows you to change the quality of clips, to improve the blurred sections and stabilize any randomly recorded video. This tool ensures that any device can record a high-quality video by the present time.

Skin Smoothening

This tool helps you hide any of the spots, pimples, marks or any other patches you have on your face and body and will improve the skin tone as you wish it to be. For the users who worry about their appearance in videos for this long, this is a very helpful tool to express yourself in public.

Color correction

Color correction in Wink comes with the sub-categories of brightness, saturation, contrast, shadow, etc. to improve the display quality of your video. These tools help you adjust the characteristics related to the visualization intensively with a wide range of changes allowed.

3D Face slimming

This feature gives you the chance to change the shape of your face by adding contours, thinning the jawlines, etc. It will make you look more attractive in your videos.

Body reshape

The appearance you always wanted to look like can be created through Wink. You will find options to slim down your waist, slender down your legs, form a long neck, etc. as you desire.


Wink is granted with AI power to produce subtitles to the new contents you create. This work is proven to be faultless for this long. Therefore, the users need not to worry about typing their own subtitles anymore. You can let Wink handle its way all the way long.

How to Install Wink APK?

Downloading for Android

  1. Got to your Google Play Store and search for “Wink video retouching tool”.
  2. Select the first app that appears with a black color icon and tap “Install”.
  3. Once the downloading and installation is completed, go to your device home screen.
  4. Tap on the new icon that you can find there to open the Wink app.
  5. You may be asked for access permissions from you device. Make sure you grant those permissions in order to the app to work best.
  6. Now you are ready to explore the limitless video editing that Wink has to offer you.

How to use Wink?

Using Wink video retouching tool need no special practice or a skilled person to do the editing for you. Once you have the app in your phone you simply and can open it and follow the instructions to begin with. You will have to either import videos to the app from your device or record a new video through the app itself.

Thereafter, you may try out the various tools available in Wink to enhance your clip in numerous ways. You may use the beautifying tools, effects, filters, editing options like trimming, cropping, etc. up to your satisfaction. Furthermore, you may add stickers, emojis, text and other elements to make your work more interesting. You may also edit the quality and color of your video.

Right after you have completed and you have an admirable outcome in your hand, you can share the clip in your preferred social media platform directly. Sharing is also very easy and user friendly, just like the rest of the other functions of the app. Therefore, you will face no difficulty in completing any of these processes.

What is the difference between Wink and other video editors?

Most importantly, Wink consists of the simplest interface that includes the editing options to be used without any confusion. Most of the users tend to have the problem of lack of knowledge to complete their work with other apps. Wink is just the app for you to get this kind of thrilling work done.

Also, some video editing apps does not allow the pictures to be edited. Users get stuck with unsatisfactory pictures being included in their videos. But in Wink, you get the chance to edit the photos as necessary and at the same time to create videos that contain your newly edited pictures.

Wink has retouching tools which are very much upgraded. It contains AI tools to help with your enhancements as well, while other similar apps require the users to each and every step of the editing manually.

Auto generation of subtitles is another added advantage that Wink has which also uses AI technology. This feature is unique to Wink alone and is found to be very useful.

How to install Wink APK to PC?

  1. You should first get an Android emulator to start with. Type “Nox Player” or “Bluestacks” in the search bar of your regular browser.
  2. Once you find the official website with the “Download” button, click on it.
  3. You can then find the APK file in your “Downloads” folder. Double-click on the APK to complete the installing it to your PC.
  4. When the installation is finished, click on the Nox Player or Bluestacks icon and open it.
  5. You will have to Log into your Google account in this stage.
  6. Now go to the search bar and type “Wink – Video Retouching Tool” and click “Search”.
  7. Once you get you see the black color app icon on your screen hit the “Install” button.
  8. Find the icon for “All apps” on your emulator screen and click on it. It will display the freshly downloaded Wink app icon on your PC.
  9. Double click on the Wink app and start experiencing the endless creativity in it.

Safety and Legality of Wink APK

The safety of the Wink video retouching app is assured by the community as well as its user reviews this long. Since the app is available in the Google Play Store, downloading and installing it to your device will cause no harm at all.

Wink is also a legal app and it is allowed in almost all the countries in the world to be used. In fact, it does not violated any terms or policies in any other related app. Nevertheless, Wink has its own license agreement for you to agree with at the first launch of the app.

Pros and Cons of Wink


  • Wink comes with a variety of video editing options that can make unbelievable changes to your clips.
  • It has a very user friendly interface and is very simple to use.
  • Can produce high quality material regardless of the original device that they are recorded with.
  • Has fun options like stickers and emojis to be placed as you decide.
  • Gives you the opportunity to look better in your videos with the tools of face slimming and body reshaping.
  • Contains its own music library and can import audio from your device to be played in the background.
  • Contains transitioning functions to be used in your videos.
  • Can help users to create attractive marketing videos about products and advertisements.


  • Some professional editing options meant for the video editing experts are missing in the app.
  • The users might sometimes face a lagging of the app or failure to save their working. 
  • Contains a premium paid version that includes some of the important features of the app.


Q: Can I get Wink Video Retouching Tool free?

A: Yes. Wink is available to be downloaded and used for free. However, some features require premium upgrading. You have to pay for that.

Q: Can I follow other Wink users?

A: Yes. You can follow any user you are interested in and view their videos through Wink app. You can also like and comment on their work as you feel.

Q: Should I have a high-quality device to record the videos?

A: No. The device you record the video with does not count as long as you have the exclusive features of Wink. Your video can be edited regardless of the device, location and noise level that you record it in.

Q: Can I share my videos in social media?

A: Yes. Wink allows to share you working immediately after completion directly through all the popular social media apps.

Final Words

Born in China, Wink has now spread in a vast number of countries due to its incredible and exciting features that its users enjoy. If you are looking for a video editing, retouching, creative app, Wink Video Retouching Tool is the ideal app for you.

Wink can give you a unique experience that no other video enhancing app can offer you with the simple yet wonderful things it can do to your clips. Your friends will be amazed by your creations. You can even use the expert options in Wink to make them think you are a professional in the job.

Conclusively, Wink can be recommended as one of the best video editing apps introduced so far. It can surely be recommended to the young crown that tend to have a lot of fun with short videos now-a-days. So, get the Wink app and be the creator to express yourself right away!