Wink APK Features | Powerful video editing and beautification application

Wink is a video enhancer that can also be used as a social media app. This trending mobile app has originated from China and now is wide spreading throughout the world. Wink is most famous for the video retouching functions. It has hundreds of filters and effects that you have been dreaming of. The app can make its users creative and have fun by sharing their designs with their dear ones. So Wink is a single platform in which you can create or record, edit and share video clips. It has a lot of features that will help you get an amazing end product.

wink apk features

Wink Features

User-friendly Interface

Wink retouching app is one of the easiest apps in which you can perform all the editing to both videos and photos. There is no need for a practiced person to help you with this. With the simple interface, any user can easily understand how to use it.

Filters and effects

There are vast libraries of both filters and effects in Wink that come in-built with the app. You can try each and select the best filter and the best filter for your video. There are filters for the night scenes as well as day scenes.

Stickers and emojis

Wink also has huge libraries of stickers and emojis. You can add any number of these to your video, part by part. The Wink stickers look more realistic that what you find in other apps. You can even paste them to look like real objects in the video.

Editing tools

Editing tools are very important for video retouching. Wink offers you all the editing tools you can think of to edit your video successfully. These tools include, cut, trim, move, crop, paste, rotate, borders, etc. to name a few.

Recording videos

You can record videos straight from Wink by allowing it to access your device camera. You can add filters or effects available in the app before you start recording. Wink camera can make the clip different from what your original camera could do.

Built-in Music library

To add music to what you have recorded, Wink provides the latest updated music all the time. The library is found within the app itself and you can add any music by just one click. You can also import the music that you have on your device including your recordings.

Ideal Portrait

Wink can also help you in retouching photos. Your portraits can be edited easily in full using the app. This can be done separately as well as before creating a video out of the picture. Wink has all the tools to make your portrait smart.

Color correction

The background colors can be changed by just one click. You can adjust the brightness, shadows, contrast, saturation, and temperature of the applied color. This tool is very important to enhance the videos recorded in dark environments. These can be used with filters also. You can color correct a filter and modify it further. Also, color correction can vary from section to section of the same video.

Face Retouching & Makeup tools

Face retouching tools include spot removal, shape editing, color changes, eye enlarging, nose thinning, etc. The makeup tools are adding lipstick, changing lip color, changing eye color, eye brows, blushers, hair color, hair style, etc. These can make you look completely different from your original self. And these tools can be applied to both portraits and full video clips.

Skin Smoothening

Skin smoothening can make your skin spotless and radiant. Your skin tone and color can be changed as you like. This tool is applicable for both pictures and clips.

3D Face slimming

This is a modern tool which you will not find in other retouching applications. You can highlight the jawlines, add contours and highlights to the face with this. It can make your face look thinner and even alter its shape. With the help of this 3D tool, this effect can be applied to the full video. Even when you move around in the video, the edited face shape will not change.

Body reshape

This is another 3D tool that can change your body shape. You can look thinner with round hips, slim waist, slender legs, long neck and arms, etc. with its help. For the users who worry too much about their body shape and therefore are distant from social media, Wink has this solution. This can make sure that all the flaws of your body are made perfect and you look gorgeous throughout the video.

Auto-generated Subtitles

Wink uses AI technology to display subtitles on your video. You will not want to type a single word. This automatic tool can detect what is being played as music in your video and convert it to subtitles. It can also review the video and print a subtitle that suits its content. You can edit the font of the text and its color before you place it to the best location of the video.

Change graphic quality

Usually the recorded videos contain blurred parts and shady areas. These can easily be removed and retouched by improving the quality of the video. With this option, you need not depend on your device camera quality. Wink can improve the resolution of your videos and photos even while you record them. Also, when you are editing a video, you can adjust the quality part by part of the video too. This can be applied to the unclear parts where you can sharpen the edges.

Trending video formats

The “Trending” section of the app contains templates that are popular for you to easily use it. Also there are trending videos shared by other users for you to refer to. If you select such a template you will be shown all similar videos.

Follow Wink users

Wink users can follow other users by clicking on the “Follow” button under their profiles. You can also view, like and comment on their posted videos. When the other users do some similar activity on your profile or videos, you will get a notification.

Share videos

Your finished design can be shared from Wink directly to other known users. As the other option, you can download the video and send it to your friends and loved ones via any other social media platform. You also can share the Wink video link on these platforms without downloading it.

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