Wink for PC Download | Video Enhancing Tool for Windows [470MB]

Wink APK is a well-known video enhancing app which was originally released for Android mobiles. It got popular so fast that the demand for other devices grew more. As a result, the Wink community has released the official version of the Wink APK for Windows now. It will be a turning point in the history of video editing and graphic editing without any doubt.

wink for pc

The app was trending among the generation mostly due to the exclusive features that it possesses. It is believed that those features are passed on to the PC version entirely as well. However, the users are going to love this and will experience the best of the app with the PC for their work.

Wink PC Download

Wink for Windows

Wink for PC Features

  • You get a large number of stickers and emojis to decorate your video clips in Wink as in-built items.
  • If you are capable of recording video with your PC, probably with an external camera, you can do this.
  • The app has a friendly user interface allowing anybody to use Wink APK.
  • There are plenty of video templates which you can use to create new trending videos easily.
  • Wink app gives you instructions to follow when using the new tools and using its templates.
  • There is an immense music library for you to insert to the videos.
  • If you want to edit pictures before you input them to your video, Wink APK has related editing tools for this.
  • You will find an endless collection of filters and effects in Wink.
  • The basic video editing tools like split, crop, merge, etc. are readily available for the clips and sound tracks.
  • You can use retouching tools for both photos and videos.
  • The camera quality does not matter for your final product. You can change the quality of your video with the app.
  • You get makeup tools to edit the portraits you get, like blusher, lipstick, face contour, etc.
  • You can directly export the videos to your desired social media network by just one click.
  • The Wink users can either create a user profile to use the app or use it as a guest.
  • The color corrections and other background edits can be made in Wink.
  • You can customize your user profile in many ways as you prefer, if you own an account.
  • Wink contains tools like 3D face slimming, face contours and body reshaping to enhance your look.
  • You can make videos with photos and transitions. There are a number of transitions in Wink that you can use.
  • The subtitles can either be manually added or AI generated to the videos.
  • Wink is free and can be used by anybody in the world.

How to Install Wink for PC?

You can install Wink APK to your PC very easily.

First you need to open the web browser you use on your PC and navigate to the Wink APK official website. Once you are in the right place, you can scroll down to find the “Wink for PC” button.

Remember that getting this APK file from the correct source is very important for your safety. As the app has already gained popularity, there could be many fake sites pretending to offer you the app but will inject your device with threats of malware.

When you download the setup file by pressing on the said button, you will be able to find this in your Downloads folder. So go to the location and double click on it to start the installation, you will find the installation wizard appear on your screen. First it will ask whether you need the file to make changes to your device, which you will answer as “Yes”.

Thereafter, keep on pressing on the next” button until you come to the dialog box with the “Install” button. Now click on this button to start the installation process.

You will be able to see the progress of the process on your screen clearly. When this is done, you can see the Wink APK icon on the desktop. So double click on the Wink icon to open the new application.

Wink will ask for a few permissions. Make sure you go to the Control Panel and grant these permissions from your computer. After that, the app can be opened successfully on your PC. You can explore its magic and start creating your own videos.

wink for pc settings

Safety and Legality of Wink for PC

Wink is a very safe video editor. It does not contain any harm to your device or to your personal information by any means. All the details that you provide to the app are secured. You only need to make sure that you do not get the app from any source that you come across.

Wink is also a legal app that possesses its own Privacy Policy. You will have to agree to this when you first open the app. It can be accessed throughout the world. So it is safe as well as legal for use.

Pros and Cons of Wink for PC


  • Wink is free and contains plenty of effects, filters, tools and templates for video editing.
  • Wink uses AI to add subtitles.
  • There are 3D effects which you can use.
  • The Wink interface is really simple.
  • You can change the quality and the backgrounds of videos.


  • Wink app may lack some of the professional video editing tools.
  • You also get a Premium paid version in Wink which clearly includes more features for its functions.
  • If you are performing a complicated editing task, the device could slow down temporarily.

Wink for PC FAQs

Q: Is Wink for PC a licensed app?

A: Yes it is. And you get its license for free together with it.

Q: Is Wink for PC free?

A: Wink for PC is free and you can enjoy it. But there are also some premium features you may need if you are doing advanced editing.

Q: How to update Wink for PC?

A: There will be frequent updates which you need to get manually.

Final Words

Wink for PC is a revolutionary point for the graphic editors as well as the social media. The hardships you face when using the app on your mobile will be no more and you will be able to do unlimited things easily. So explore what Wink for PC has to offer you can revel in the unending amusement with it.

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