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Wink Video Retouching Tool is an Android mobile app that allows you to edit videos. It contains amazing tools to enhance the videos you create. You will find large collections of effects, filters and music in Wink.

wink apk download

The app allows you to share your video both privately and publicly. Thereby, it can operate as a social media app as well. Wink is very rapidly spreading among the youth crowd. But it is for everybody who loves to have fun by creating and editing videos.

Wink APK Download

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Wink APK

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Wink APP

Wink APK Features

  1. Wink allows you to record short videos through the app itself. 
  2. The app contains vast collections of stickers, emojis, filters and effects. These can be used to enhance the video.
  3. The app provides a set of trending templates to help you create videos easily.
  4. Wink also has a vast Music library which contains all the oldest to latest hits. You can select any preferred track for your video.
  5. It has all the editing tools like merge, split, crop, etc. to edit the videos easily.
  6. Wink also allows you to do photo editing. 
  7. It contains retouching tools which you can use for advanced photo editing.
  8. The portraits can be also edited with makeup tools. 
  9. Wink App can allow you to share the designed video in any social media. 
  10. Users can own their profiles and let other users follow them.
  11. Wink also allows skin smoothening and color correction for the photos. 
  12. It also has the exclusive tools for 3D Face slimming and body reshaping. These tools can make you look like a completely different person.
  13. You can edit the quality of both photos and videos using Wink App.
  14. The app has a set of transitions that can be used in creating different kinds of clips.
  15. Wink has the ability to generate AI subtitles for your videos.

How to Install Wink APK?

For Android

  1. First open the browser on your device and search for “Wink APK”.
  2. Visit the official website. 
  3. You can find the “Download” button by scrolling down the page. Click on it.
  4. Wait for the setup file to download. You can check this on your drop-down menu.
  5. Now open the “Downloads” folder of your device.
  6. Tap on the new APK file and “Install” it to the device. 
  7. After the installation, you can find the Wink icon on your Home screen. Tap on it to open.
  8. You will have to create an account if you are new to Wink. You can also Login if you already have an account.
  9. The app will ask for a few permissions like for the Camera, gallery and files, which you will have to grant. This will help you to work best with Wink.
  10. Finally you can try and learn each feature and create amazing videos in just a few minutes.

Safety and Legality of Wink APK

Wink Apk is totally safe to download and install to your device. It will not bring any harm from malware. Your privacy data and profile information are also secured with Wink. No third parties are involved in accessing those. The permissions requested are only the ones needed for the app to function in full. So there will be no issue regarding having the app on your device. 

The legality of Wink App is also certified by its own license agreement. In fact, Wink is also available in Google Play Store. This can assure that the app is legal and is safe for use. It is already used freely in most of the countries in the world by now.

Pros and Cons of Wink


  • Wink has an extremely user-friendly interface. All users can easily learn and use it.
  • It helps you create high quality videos. The quality can also be changed by choice.
  • The app contains the biggest libraries of filters, effects, stickers and emojis.
  • The retouching, reshaping and makeup tools can change one’s appearance totally.
  • Wink has its own music library which is rich in all categories of music. You need not to download music as the library comes in-built.
  • The app can be useful for marketing professionals to create inspiring videos.
  • It uses AI to automatically generate subtitles that match your video.


  • A few of the very advanced features cannot be found in the App. However these are searched by only the professionals. 
  • Wink has a Premium version. It is a bit richer in features than the free version. 
  • Sometimes, there could be lagging in the app when you create bigger files.

Wink FAQs

Q: Is Wink Video Retouching Tool free?

A: Yes. The Wink APK can be downloaded and installed completely free of charge. But, there is a Premium version of this app as well. 

Q: Is Wink APK safe to use?

A: Yes. Wink APK is totally safe and legal. You can use it without worrying about your device, personal data or other problems.

Q: What is contained in the Premium version?

A: The Premium version of Wink App only contains a few more features than the free app. These tools are only useful for the professional editors usually. Therefore, for normal video editing and sharing Wink App free version is more than enough.

Q: How can I share my videos?

A: You can share the videos you created directly through the Wink App. To do this, you have to post it on your profile. These videos can be seen by only other Wink users. However, there is the option of sharing your work on other social media. You can select the preferred media out of Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and share the content. You can also add your idea with the posted clip.

Q: How to create high-quality videos?

A: You do not need to have a high quality device to record the videos. You can simply edit the quality from the app. Also, the App allows you to record videos. At that time, you can select the quality and record the video at once. Therefore, the quality of your video does not depend on your device anymore if you have Wink.

Final Words

Wink Video Retouching Tool is a very useful app to enhance your videos. The App can be used by users of all ages ranging from the youth to the elders. It is very user-friendly and is easy to learn and use. It has already spread through most of the world. This is because of its wonderful features and the benefits over other similar apps. 

Conclusively, Wink APK can be highly recommended as an important App for everyone to have in handy.

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